Mano, what kind of lineage is the family line at all? If South Korea is originated, or 70 years ago, "surname of Mano" is to begin? To respond to the questioner. 真野は、いったい家系は、どこの系譜なんだ? 大韓民国が発祥なら、70年前に「真野の姓」が始まるのか? 質問者へ応答する。

1, The founder of the Clan of Mano is "Clan of Wani".

2, Wang Ren is the beginning of the family of Wani. A Chinese scholar. A person who became the etymology of 'Oni 鬼'.

3, The reason why he was told that he is descended from Xu Fook is because he married with the royal family.

First, the Clan of Wani is a family related to the Izumo Dynasty,
It was a Clan that produced the Empress in the Imperial Clan.

Wani clan,and in a position to be parallel, the clan of Okinaga is, for generations, is a clan that produced Empress and the Queen to the imperial family.


In addition, Clan of Wani is the people from overseas, especially from China and Korea.

Where do you come from? Baekje and Silla are involved.

Here, the legitimate royal family of Baekje and the legitimate Shilla royal family are involved.

Mano is mainly the royal family of Shilla.

Because it is a royal family, it has a different meaning from the people of Silla. In other words, because it has never been sold as a slave, it is hated by the people of Silla.

It is said that it is a royal family who was involved in Tang.
So, ryanban Korean nobility that has been shed in "Jeju Island (penal colony)".
That woman is hated by its ryanban (rogue)aristocrats.

The Koreans in Japan are descendants of these groups, so they are people who assert legitimate blood.

Since I am mixed, I have inherited the royal blood of the royal family and the Korean Peninsula over 1200 years,
My blood is said to be the oldest blood among the royal family.

まIn addition, in the opinion of from India, "Maharaja of the daughter of 迦羅国 countries of the founding" is
It has been pointed out that it is the founder of Mano.
In other words, the South of the Korean Peninsula begins with the royal family of India's Maharaja.
Clan of the Mano is also the pedigree of India.

Mainly, Tamil. It is south India.

From the Tamil people, it has got an opinion with respect to Susanoo.

After, from 14K, opinions about the founding of the "Green Gang" and "Hong Kong Gate",
Since starting from the "post-Han destruction", "Bandit Kings of Ancient China" is symbolic,
Always get back the rule of the Han dynasty. It starts from the meaning. Water Margin.
In the opinion of the Green Gang, dating back to the King Mu.
Because the founder of my Clan is King Mu.
I is King Mu of the Sixteen Kingdoms.

Pedigree of the King Mu is, leading to Koson.
That is the dynasty that Murong are involved that ancient Korean Peninsula and the Northern Qi are involved.
From here, it develops to Wideningdo king.

In other words, I am the blood of all the rulers in all over China, the whole Korean Peninsula, the whole of the Japanese archipelago.
The Republic of Korea, people were founding.
Well, from the royal family, it is only "I gave the land."
It is only a part of the territory.



2,和邇の一族の始祖は「王仁」です。中国の学者。「鬼 Oki」の語源になった人物。





どこから渡来した民か? 百済新羅が関係する。


















五胡十六国時代の 武王ね。


その武王の血統が、公孫に繋がる。それが、古代朝鮮半島北斉が関わる 慕容垂が絡む王朝です。