Riding way to Asia with snow Nishikawa town in Yamagata prefecture is in summer skiing Attracting foreign tourists 2/15 (Friday) 8: 52 Delivery Recommended article list for you 雪でアジアに活路 山形県西川町が夏スキーで外国人観光客誘致 2/15(金) 8:52配信 と あなたにオススメの記事一覧



Riding way to Asia with snow
Nishikawa town in Yamagata prefecture is in summer skiing
Attract foreign tourists
2/15 (Friday) 8: 52 delivery
Mainichi Newspaper

While receiving instruction from the instructor
Experience the ski
National Taiwan Normal University students, etc.
At the townspeople ski resort of Misawa in Nishikawa cho
10:58 on January 14, 2019,
Shooting Akatsuki Onno

In late January, there was a group guest from Taiwan at the townspeople ski resort of Nagawa - machi, Yamagata prefecture.
We put efforts to attract foreign tourists
It is part of the city's efforts.
Compared with Zao who boasts the nationwide popularity
There is no punch power of "Nishikawa Town"
Tsukiyama 's knees where summer skiing is possible.
It is trying to open a way to Asia seeking snow for the longest snow enjoyment in the country as well as for selling it. Akira Ono

According to the Research Institute for Disaster Science and Technology, Snow Ice Disaster Prevention Research Center (Shinjo city), the deepest snow cover of Tsukiyasawa Tsukizawa at the observation point of Shimazu, Shimazu is about 6 to 8 meters in the year and is the largest in the country. According to the town, you can enjoy summer ski until July at the Tsukiyama ski resort in the town, but in recent years the number of visitors has remained between 140,000 and 150,000 people per year, drastically decreasing from 350,000 in the peak period.

Town and Tsukiyama Asahi Tourism Association has accepted Korean freestyle ski · mogul representative as a team since 2007. South Korean guests at the same ski resort were only able to grasp it, from a total of 15 people in 2005 to 357 people in 2007, but only a slight increase, focusing on the Southeast Asian region where snowfall does not occur as a breakthrough measure.

National Taiwan Instructor College graduate school in Taiwan affiliated with Yamagata University in 11 years
Associate professor at Graduate School of Forest (Rin) honor (Poushu) visited the prefecture
At that time, an NPO corporation doing a travel planning in the town
Vice Chairman Kazuo Chikimatsu (52) who is "to land navi"
I made educational guidance by sightseeing in the town.
Vice Chairman Chikamatsu et al. Visited the laboratory of Professor Hayashi
We will discuss "educational travel" that you can experience Japanese sports,
He also served as a pipe with Ogawa Kazuhiro Mayor.

The town is 2013 years old,
Concluded cooperation agreement to cooperate with Taiwan Normal University in international exchange and education.
Utilizing elementary school students of Taiwan and Taiwan for long holidays in winter,
I decided to have an educational tour that is familiar with snow culture in this town.
In FY 2001, 288 people came from town.
Through Professor Lin Associate Professor Hayashi asked me to introduce primary schools in Taipei City,
The staff of the town and the staff of "Land Navi" visited and continued PR with the video introducing the state of educational travel. In FY 2005, 501 people came to town from educational travel from Taiwan. About 90 people from the same university graduate students, elementary school students and faculty members visited this winter three times in January, and they took ski training and snowmaking experience.

In FY 2005, 615 people visited from Korea during the summer ski period, but the guests from Taiwan are subjects for the future. We are also considering working on realizing tour planning to Nishikawa Town through graduate students from the same university graduate who worked in a travel company in Taiwan.

For people unfamiliar with skiing and a wide range of age, we propose "Snowshoe" experience similar to Kanjiki, and visitors from Taiwan in 2005 made experience at Yumeshira Park in the town. In addition, we will also consider guests from China aiming for 'ski population 300 million' for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 22 years.

Tsukada Tadatakatsu, director of the Tsukiyama Asahi Tourism Association (62) said, "The snow which is a lifestyle for the townspeople is popular among tourists in the East Asian region and we would like to focus on inbound (foreign visitors to Japan) snow as a pillar of tourism resources It is talking.
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雪でアジアに活路 山形県西川町が夏スキーで外国人観光客誘致

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